Gel smiling problem

Koichi Kunitake kkunitake at
Mon Sep 1 16:32:32 EST 1997

I had the opposite problem earlier, and I think I know what caused it.
My gels were 
"frowning" and the outer lanes ran faster than the inside lanes.

Here was my hypothesis (I had supported the entire weight of the gel by
a single pipette tip box in the center)

-The center of the gel was being compressed, and was thinner than the
-Since the gel was thinner in the middle, it had a higher resistance
(Resistance is inversely proportional to cross-section)
-Therefore, more current ran through the outside lanes of the gel, and
so the outer lanes ran faster.

After I started supporting my gels more evenly, all of my frowning
problems disappeared.

Perhaps you are somehow making your gels thicker in the middle (by
clamping), or maybe your plates are bowed outward in the middle.

Hope this helps,
Koichi Kunitake

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