Automated sequencer maintenance?

Andrey S. Shaw shaw at
Tue Sep 2 22:24:43 EST 1997

I own an ABI 377 and the maintenance is minimal, like the other
machines.  When I was checking out the different machines, I was
planning on buying a "personal" machine, but I learned that other issues
are paramount.  Most important, most users prefer using the
dye-terminator chemistries (meaning a one tube PCR reaction with dye
terminators for each of the bases).  This means that you must go ABI. 
Also the dye terminator chemistry means that you only need one lane per
sample instead of four.  This means that a single gel will have much
more throughput (i.e. much lower cost). For financial reasons, I felt
that the most expensive machine would be the cheapest in the long run. 
Excluding the high initial cost, the machine runs at an unbelievably
inexpensive rate now.
	 I have a dedicated person who runs my machine, but she is an
undergraduate who runs the machine 2-3 times a week (10-15 hours a
week). It's actually an ideal part-time job for a student. She has had
no difficulty running it.  

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