Koichi Kunitake kkunitake at
Thu Sep 4 04:00:33 EST 1997

Hi. I have been repeatedly having this problem when I grow up my
minipreps. Usually, I pour 2mL aliquots of TB+Amp (50ug/mL) into loose
capped falcon tubes, and then I touch a yellow tip to my colonies, and
drop it into my TB/amp. Sometimes this grows up nicely turbid, but other
times I get a snotty-looking goopy slimeball (for lack of a better
scientific term) that just sticks to the yellow tip. The solution stays
mostly clear.
	I was told that the way to fix this was to vortex thoroughly before
growing up, and sometimes this works. However, the last time I grew up
colonies O/N, I vortexed my tubes ridiculously thoroughly, and shook
them, but I still got my "slimeball".
	Any suggestions?

Koichi Kunitake
kkunitake at

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