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>Hi. I have been repeatedly having this problem when I grow up my
>minipreps. Usually, I pour 2mL aliquots of TB+Amp (50ug/mL) into loose
>capped falcon tubes, and then I touch a yellow tip to my colonies, and
>drop it into my TB/amp. Sometimes this grows up nicely turbid, but other
>times I get a snotty-looking goopy slimeball (for lack of a better
>scientific term) that just sticks to the yellow tip. The solution stays
>mostly clear.
>	I was told that the way to fix this was to vortex thoroughly before
>growing up, and sometimes this works. However, the last time I grew up
>colonies O/N, I vortexed my tubes ridiculously thoroughly, and shook
>them, but I still got my "slimeball".
>	Any suggestions?

	Koichi, is anyone in your lab working with lambda phage?  What you
are describing sounds like a bacterial culture that has been lysed by phage.
Have you looked at your cultures as they are growing, or do you just look
at them at the end of the growth period?  If you look at the cultures mid-
way through the growth period and observe turbidity with no "slime", and
then later the same culture does show slime, that would be a pretty clear
indication of a phage infection.

	Good luck!

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