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Thu Sep 4 11:56:28 EST 1997

Koichi Kunitake <kkunitake at> wrote:

>Hi. I have been repeatedly having this problem when I grow up my
>minipreps. Usually, I pour 2mL aliquots of TB+Amp (50ug/mL) into loose
>capped falcon tubes, and then I touch a yellow tip to my colonies, and
>drop it into my TB/amp. Sometimes this grows up nicely turbid, but other
>times I get a snotty-looking goopy slimeball (for lack of a better
>scientific term) that just sticks to the yellow tip. The solution stays
>mostly clear.

Last time I had this problem was when smbdy else in the lab was
working with phage lambda. Apparently, infected "minipreps" were lysed
and the "slimeballs" appeared. If that is the case you can try
chloroform - open plates with chloroform around the lab for the night
did the trick for me. REMEMBER to open windows in the morning to get
rid of ALL chloroform in the air; it is a carcinogen, mutagen, etc,
etc,  ad nauseum, but it is true.

Good luck,

Victor Levenson
Res Asst Prof
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