clonetech cDNA construction kit

Saswati Bhattacharya s.bhattacharya at
Thu Sep 4 11:32:48 EST 1997

Dear  Friends,

 Please   consider  this  as  an SOS signal:

I have  been trying to pull out a full length clone from Clonetech's  smart cDNA 
construction kit. After I went through all the  pain of constructing  the library,
primary to secondary to tertiary to quarternary screens  by filter lifts etc I found 
a partial clone (500 bp) nowhere close to full length. My isolated RNA is good 
and my Northern data  shows it is a 2.5 kb message.

This is very upsetting for me  because I have no confidence on this kit 
anymore,because if their kit (smart oligo) was working I should only get full 
length clone, or I donot get any clone. They claim their smart oligo should only 
bind to 5' end of any  message.

 If you know  of someone who have used this kit succesfully  would you please let 
me know? My address is  s.bhattacharya at
I would also welcome any idea to get this  fulllength clone.

 If you are wondering  why I went to make my own library the answer is I donot 
have this clone in a commercially available Jurkat Cell library , and I figured 
out that making  my  own library  would be easier than  going through a no of 
differnt libraries from the market.

Thank you  for your time.

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