rRNA bands - kb size equivalent on gel?

Martha Ogilvie mogilvie at helix.nih.gov
Fri Sep 5 08:40:23 EST 1997

Roughly: 28S = 4.8-5 Kb
         18S = 1.9 Kb
          5S = 120 bp

Hope this helps
Martha Ogilvie
In article <340F9E83.2551 at cmcb.REMOVE-THIS-BIT.uq.edu.au>, Wendy Ingram
<w.ingram at cmcb.REMOVE-THIS-BIT.uq.edu.au> wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like to find out what size (in kilobases) Ribosomal RNA bands
> run equivalent to on an agarose gel.  I'd like to use their positions as
> a rough quide to where I should expect a probe to bind on a Northern
> that was run without an RNA ladder.
> Thanks,
> Wendy Ingram.

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