How to isolate Cot1 DNA?

Andrei V. Evteev evteev at
Fri Sep 5 15:14:31 EST 1997

Dear All,

I am going to isolate chicken Cot1 DNA. According to the protocol that
I have standard conditions for DNA renaturation is 0.12M phosphate
buffer. I don't want to dilute DNA in phosphate buffer because
after renaturation DNA will be digested with S1 nuclease. PB can
be removed by dialysis but it takes too much time. Precipitation  of DNA
with ethanol does not help because sodium phosphate is co-precipitated.

I remember that I saw somewhere how to calculate equivalent NaCl
concentration in the solution. Does anybody know what concentration of NaCl
should I use instead of 0.12 M PB?

I would be very grateful if someone send me protocol for Cot1 DNA isolation.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Andrei Evteev
postgraduate student
St-Petersburg State University
St-Petersburg, Russia
email: evteev at

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