transient transfection assays: Measuring Luciferase activity

Darren Tyson tysondr at
Sun Sep 7 22:52:17 EST 1997

Wolfgang Schechinger wrote:

> Hi you,
> in transient transfection assays ( Ca3(PO4)2 oder DEAE-Dextran) I
> always get a =DF-Galactosidase activity of the cotransfected vector
> (CMV-promoter), but it is not possible to measure any Luciferase
> activity of the pGL3-construct or pGL3 control (Promega). The assay
> system is o.k. (measuring the enzym luciferase obtained from Promega)
> Have anyone any idea???
> Cora


It could be a problem with your lysis buffer.  Did you add the positive
luciferase enzyme to the lysis buffer before assaying?  The pGL3-Control
has always given me very high RLU counts.


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