power supply for submarine gel HELP!

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> #> I am trying to find a cheap little power supply to run small argarose
> #> gels.
> #> Stan
> #> sbaldwin at ee.net
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> #Stan,
> #I'm at home now, and don't have access to the reference (it is at work),
> #but there was something in Anal.Biochem a few yr ago about fashioning a
> #60V power supply out of an extension cord,
> Yep - all it takes is a simplest AC/DC converter (a single diode). Myself 
> and many other people were using just that for years. I would _never_ believe 
> anything like that can be published in Anal Biochem, though. 
> Dima

Responding to my own post here...
One of my pals at work did find the ref. It is in Anal. Biochem., Dima:
Kadokami, Y.,et.al., 1984, v.137, pp.156-160.

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