Re. 96 well plate PCR equipment

rabc010 at S1.CXWMS.AC.UK rabc010 at S1.CXWMS.AC.UK
Mon Sep 8 07:56:26 EST 1997

I use MJ Research Thermal cycler PTC100 and quite happy with that.
This system is based on Peletier effect and quicker. you can check
their web site: Here in
UK GRI is the distributor for their thermal cyclers.For 96 well plate
you can contact Advanced biotechnologies, they
have special offer for 96 well plates until september. I have used
gilson multichannel pipette but there is problem with it, you can't
eject tips as you do with another Gilson pipette. There are plenty
of companies who make multichannel pipette. You can check Anachem,
BDH catalogues for more details. But I think multipipette is better
because you can pipette liquid more easily than multichannel. These
are available from Gilson, eppendorf and finpipette etc.

Good luck.


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