Two questions about southern

Jiqing Peng peng.36 at
Tue Sep 9 12:41:57 EST 1997

Dear all 
	I amplified more than ten sequences after DNA subtractive hybridization.   
These sequences were supposed present in one genomic DNA sample ( tracer) but 
absent in another (Driver).  To confirm it, I am planning do sorthern blot.  
Now  two questions come out:
	1.  Could I use the genomic DNA as a probe to probe the amplified  sequences, 
in stead of using the sequences to probe the genomic DNA?   The genomic DNA is 
about a hundred times less complicate than human genome. 	
	2.  What is the best processure of non-radioactive southern?  p32 works fine 
for me.  But I have to switch to non-radioactive labeling.
	Any advices are welcomed.

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