anti (HIS)6 antibodies

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Wed Sep 10 12:27:39 EST 1997

We've used Clontech's anti-his antibody in Western blots, and it works but
it's nothing to jump up and down about - our other epitope tag (Novagen's
HSV) gives a much stronger reaction. 

Deb Britt

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> Hi everybody,
> we would like to use an antibody in order to detect the HIS-tag of our
> recombinant proteins in Western Blots. We already used the Quiagen
> antibody, not knowing that it works only with their set of overexpression
> vectors (since it recognizes a different epitope only present in their
> designed vectors). We saw in several catalgs antibodies against
> (putativly) only the HIS6 epitope, is this true? Could anybody share their
> experiences with these antibodies (e.g. Clontechs etc). Has anybody
> compared several different ones. If so, which one gave the best signals or
> were they comparable.
> Thanks in advance
> Thomas
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