IUPAC/IUB list of symbols for degenerate bases

Ken Howe howe at DARWIN.UCSC.EDU
Thu Sep 11 18:13:59 EST 1997


Stratagene uses the abbreviations:

and gives the following reference as the source of "standard

Eur. J. Biochemistry 150:15,1985

Hope this helps.

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On 11 Sep 1997, Jose Lopez wrote:

> Date: 11 Sep 1997 15:01:41 -0700
> From: Jose Lopez <lopez at hboi.edu>
> To: methods at net.bio.net
> Subject: IUPAC/IUB list of symbols for degenerate bases
> Hello Colleagues,
> Does anyone out there designing degenerate oligonucleotide primers know
> a handy source (Website, manual etc) on where to find the IUPAC symbols
> for the degenerate bases -e.g Y = T/C, R = A/G etc.  I am looking for
> the symbols for
>  A/T and G/T and A/C specifically and asap.  Thanks!
> J. V. Lopez, Ph.D.
> Harbor Branch Oceanographic Inst.

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