crayola marker for autoradiograph

Minsoo Yoon yoonm at
Sun Sep 14 16:20:31 EST 1997

I think I've seen that article in TIBS online some month ago. With the
best of my knowledge, the name of the crayola was 'Glow in the dark'. 

Good luck

Minsoo Yoon

On 10 Sep 1997 18:00:06 -0700, khlee at MED.CHUNGBUK.AC.KR ("Woong Choi,
M.D.") wrote:

>Dear Netters:
>In this newsgroup, there might be an article about a flurorescent
>crayola (originally for children) which can be used as a marker for
>autoradiograph. I tried to buy a fluorescent crayola in Korea and in
>U.K. without any success.
>I would greatly appreciate if anybody could tell me where and how I can
>get this fluorescent cryola.

Minsoo Yoon

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