Designing peptides for raising antibodies

Phillip Robinson phrobins at
Fri Sep 12 02:38:46 EST 1997

Any ideas on how to make a best 'educated' choice about designing a
synthetic peptide from a protein sequence for raising antibodies?  What
parameters/amino acids are good, what's bad?

I have tried 'Hydrophilicity' according to Hopp & Woods (1981) PNAS, but
I don't know if this is the best criteria, or even a good one.  The
program I use, AnTheProt, also has an 'Antigenicity' plot according to
Wellings (no reference?), but the output seems to have no relationship
to the above hydrophilicity plot.  What is this actually calculating? 
Anyway, I think it will be valuable to collate feedback on people's
experiences or feelings on this topic.

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