Help! Problem in dissolving DNA

Haitao Zhang hz at
Mon Sep 15 14:20:43 EST 1997

Hi, there,
	I have a problem in dissolving DNA recently.  I prepared genomic
DNA from cells based on a  phenol/chloroform extraction and ethanol
precipitation method.  The DNA dissolved well this time.  Then I digested
with a restriction enzyme and RNase A overnight.  I extracted with
phenol/chloroform afterward and precipitated with ethanol.  After I washed
DNA pellet (bigger than I expected) and briefly airdried the pellet, I
used water or TE to dissolve the pellet.  The pellets dissolved poorly and
a 65C incubation didn't help.  I repeated this twice and the same thing
occurred. I couldn't figure out what caused this problem.  If anybody have
any idea, please let me know.  Any suggestions would be highly
	Thank you for your time.


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