Simple power supply

Jerry Kropp jkropp at
Tue Sep 16 01:06:53 EST 1997

In article <5v74tp$qdi at>, kang at wrote:

> Dear colleagues;
> I recently developed new power supply which is totaly different from the
> ional one
> I made the beta version of this apparatus and wanat to sell with 40 dollars.
> If you are interested or have any oppinion please send an e-mail to
>                 kang at
>                 kang at
> Chulho Kang 

Yo Capitalist,

You're bringing a new dimension to this group. Great idea!
Screw that collegiality slop. "This tip is gonna cost you". What a concept.

Let's team up. I have some ideas that will eliminate BAFLs in sequencing
gels. Very reasonable-$0.02/base. Volume discounts availible. Free toaster
with your first order (min. 100kb.) 

Problems isolating that sexy PCR fragment from your gel? Our Exciso-Matic
is the answer! Send your email (please include Visa # for verification
only) to our site at <>.

Can't clone that poly-dCGCGCG 6k-mer? E-mail us, requesting Publ.223. Free
to educational institutions, for $85.34 postage and handling. 10% off for
orders of 100 or more. 

The possibilities are endless.It's about time someone brought some
discipline to this pack of pie-in-the-sky idealists. Geez, They think
knowledge should be free...


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