Best vector for cloning of Taq-generated PCR products

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Tue Sep 16 13:59:50 EST 1997

We've been using Novagen's "perfectly blunt" kit for PCR product cloning. 
For products generated with Taq polymerase, there is a 40 minute enzyme
treatment step, then ligation.  You can also clone products generated with
proofreading pols.  We've been quite satisfied with the system.

Deb Britt

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> Hi all!
> We rountinely use pGEM-T for cloning of our Taq-generated PCR
> Products, but sometimes the effeciency seems to be not very reproduceable.
> May be this depends on several freeze thaw cycles. Also I think
> the MCS is not really satisfying, maybe at least some of the routinely
> used restrictionenzymes should cut.
> What are youre experiences, specially with the use of other T-tailed
> vectors.
> May be this has discussed here a trillion times, but why not do it again?
> Ricky
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