Preparation of competent E. coli w/ DMSO and PEG: Looking for a

Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Thu Sep 18 12:52:07 EST 1997

Wolfgang Schechinger (wgschech at wrote:
> We're have here a protocol for making competent E. coli using DMSO 
> and PEG4000. But, as usual, nobody knows who has invented this. Has 
> anybody a reference handy for that and could pass me the citation?

Sounds very much like the protocol of Chung et al:

        author  = {C. T. Chung and Suzanne L. Niemela and Roger H. Miller},
        title   = {One-step preparation of competent {{\sl Escherichia
                coli\/}}: Transformation and storage of bacterial cells
                in the same solution.},
        journal = PNAS,
        volume  = 86,
        pages   = {2172--2175},
        year    = 1989


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