IMAGE cDNA clones??

Cassie Conley cassie at
Thu Sep 18 14:12:54 EST 1997

Hi, Bionetters--
   I've been ordering IMAGE library clones from Genome Systems, and an
alarming number of them (~25%) are not what they are supposed to be -- the
stab cultures are a mixture of cells containing different plasmids, mostly
contaminating ribosomal or mitochondrial sequences.  Have other people
encountered this problem, and are any other companies better?  Is there an
alternative to miniprepping lots of colonies from each stab culture and
sequencing all different ones, in order (with luck) to find the ones I
actually want?  Any help is appreciated...  Please post here or send email
to cassie at  Thanks!


                                    -- Cassie Conley
                                       cassie at
                                       Cell Biology, MB24
                                       The Scripps Research Institute

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