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Hi Peter,

Just to give you plenty of choice, here is another colony screening
method, which fits in well with picking and storing colonies.  Touch the
colony with a toothpick (birch or plastic, not pine), make a short streak
on a  storage plate, and then swirl the toothpick into 100ul sdH2O.  Boil
tubes 5 minutes, then snap chill in an ice/water slurry.  Use 5ul in a
50ul PCR using either the original PCR primers or the plasmid primers -
very useful to screen multiple inserts at the same time.  By the time the
results are ready, the short streaks have usually grown enough to
inoculate a miniprep culture with.  The only catch is that the boiled
preps do not keep overnight, make them fresh before PCR.

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On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, Peter Schuchert wrote:

> I heard that colonies of plasmid transformed E. coli
> can be examined for cloned inserts by boiling a little bit
> of the cells and using this for a PCR.
> Could anyone please give me more details on this protocol.
> Thanks in advance,
> Peter
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