filter-sterilized MilliQ water for PCR?

Wilson netson at
Fri Sep 19 02:29:51 EST 1997

Dear Mr. Grant,
	Is it possilbe that contaminants can be introduced into the
reagents during autoclaving?  I always sterile the reagents (e.g LB,
glycerol and transformation buffer) for competent cell preps by autoclave
and the transformation efficiency of my competent cell is often low and
unstable.  I would like to know the problem whether casued by the
autoclaving the reagent.  

> One problem with autoclaving is that there is all sorts of crap in the
> bottom of your autoclave or steam supply from broken bottles, etc, which
> gets sprayed around and into bottles (which have loose lids, of course).
> btw, never ever autoclave stuff for competent cell preps unless it is in a
> sealed bag.

Thank you very much


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