Inexpensive enzyme cooler: supplier?

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Sun Sep 21 16:49:35 EST 1997

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>hi folks --
>        Anyone know of a supplier of inexpensive enzyme coolers (ie 
>storage boxes for enzymes which keep the enzymes cold if they are out of 
>the freezer for short periods.  Inexpensive is 50 pounds sterling (150 
>pounds is expensive).  We used to used aluminium blocks drilled for 
>tubes, but these are no longer available.  Also, we need to order from 
>someone in the UK.
>        Thanks,
>                Harry

How about the aluminium blocks that fit into Techne or similar dri-block
heaters?  Phillip Harris list a 20 x 1.5ml block for 78UKpounds (Techne) or
a Grant version that is for 24 x 1.5ml, 59UKpounds.  We use one for exactly
the purpose you suggest.  Its nice to tape a bit of
foam/polystyrene/whatever around it so's your hands don't stick to the
metal :-)


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