SmaI site gone!?

Ian A. York iayork at
Mon Sep 22 09:21:47 EST 1997

In article <605squ$8e0_001 at>, T.J. Young <BMBTJY at> wrote:
>into a different plasmid.  Well, seeing as I ligated it in at SmaI sites I 
>thought I would excise it at the SmaI sites but they appear to have gone!?  

You don't explicitly say so, but I assume that SmaI was in your insert as
well as your vector, and you didn't use some other blunt-cutter on your
insert.  If so, I Have Heard (but never tested) that SmaI produces
"ragged" blunt ends.  Perhaps this is to blame.  However, it isn't
something I've seen myself, and the only support I can give to the concept
is that on occasion SmaI has been hard to ligate into, and has been
improved (apparently) when I blunted the (putatively already blunt) ends.


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