Is it possible to by T antigen ?

Knut Tomas Dalen k.t.dalen at
Mon Sep 22 06:58:49 EST 1997

I think that what you want to do is to co-transfect with a plasmid
that expresses the large T antigen, rather than co-transfecting with the
protein.  Look for papers from Gerald R. Crabtree's lab.  They have a 
system for doing this in Jurkat cells. 

       Good luck!

The problem is that I don't think the endothelial cells will survive 
Co-transfection. Co-transfection with a vector expressing large T 
antigen would give to high amount of large T antigen in cells. This 
would give lethal replication of the plasmid and cause cell death.
- But transfecting the cells with the protein should hopefully not have 
this effect.

Knut Tomas Dalen

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