Research Specialist, Chicago

Victor Levenson levenson at
Tue Sep 23 08:16:26 EST 1997

Hello everybody:

I have a position for a Research Specialist in my group. Primary
resposibility - tissue culture (cell maintenance, transfection,
retroviral infection, selection screening, subcloning, etc); besides
that there is a bunch of molecular biology stuff - vector construction
and testing, PCR, RT-PCR, sequencing, Nothern, Southern, Western, the

I need a responsible, fast-moving, quick-learning person willing to go
an extra step to get the job done. I will provide salary support for
two years (at least - grant applications are submitted) as well as
unlimited possibilities to learn and participate. In return I expect
two year commitment.

I work at the Division of Molecular Oncology, Dept. of Molecular
Genetics, University of Illinois at Chicago. Primary projects -
expression selection for antiapoptotic genes.

I cannot pay for travel to people who want to interview, so if you are
outside of greater Chicago area and want to talk you should make your
own travel arrangements.

I will answer all e-mail messages; I cannot guarrantee the same for
phone calls (have to do some work also :-)).

Victor Levenson
Res Asst Prof
levenson at

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