Capfinder/SMART II

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Tue Sep 23 13:14:41 EST 1997

Yes, it worked very well.

The kit I used was a beta test version of CapFinder kit. I was able to do
5' RACE for 2 different genes with this kit.  Beautiful PCR products!!! I
used gene specific primer in the RT reaction instead of the  random
primer and used a nested primer for PCR.  I believe that Clontech has
changed the sequence of cap switching oligo since.  Make sure the Tm of
your gene specific nested primer is around 68 C.


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>Hi all,

>   Has anyone out there used Clontech's capfinder (now called SMART
>II).  I got the kit a while ago, and never got the thing to work very
>well.  This is despite troubleshooting a numbe of steps including the
>RNA integrity and RT efficiency.  When I called the company, they
>suggested I get some new RT.  That didn't help.  I was wondering if
>anyone out there got it to work and was willing to say what the
>critical aspects were.



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