Q: Pfu as hot start alternative?

Richard P Grant rgrant at see.sig.for.address
Wed Sep 24 03:42:28 EST 1997

Koen De Smet (k.desmet at nospam.ic.ac.uk) wrote:
} The results sound convincing, but -a cynic as I am- I also notice that 
} this was written by people from Stratagene. I haven't really used this 
} enzyme, but it sounds worthwhile trying. Does anybody want to comment on 
} their experiences with Pfu? Do you get less primer-dimers or spurious 
} bands with this enzyme?

It's a nice enzyme.  Just as easy as Taq for new conditions, major
advantage is error rate.   Never done side by side  comparison looking for
spurious bands.  Also gives nice polished ends for blunt-end cloning.

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