Inf about BspGI and BseMII

Heinz J. Schaefers schaefers at
Thu Sep 25 15:07:35 EST 1997

X. Y. ZHENG wrote:

> Thanks a lot for those who provide information to my previous inquiry
> about two restriction enzymes.  Now I need two other commerically
> unavailable enzymes called BspGI and BseMII.  Any information will be
> great appreciated.
>   X.Y. Zheng



  Try contacting -

  U. Mayr
  Boehringer Mannheim
  Werk Penzberg, Nonnenwald 2, D-82732 Penzberg Germany
  Phone: 011-49-8856-60-2541
  Fax: 011-49-8856-60-3067


  Try contacting -

  A.A. Janulaitis
  Fermentas MBI
  Graicuno 8, Vilnius 2028 Lithuania
  Phone: 370 2 641279
  Fax: 370 2 643436
  Email: butkus at


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