Mouting FISH

Balwi md9454589 at
Thu Sep 25 15:12:58 EST 1997

Mario Javier Pineda wrote:
> I am looking for a way to mount a FISH without using Gelvatol or Moviol or
> poly vinyl alcohol.  I really don't mind if the FISH fades rapidly.  I
> want to be able to add my fluorochrome and within an hour or two look at
> the slide and count my hits.  Maybe a photograph or two. Problem is Ihave
> limited resources available to me reight ow as I am working in an isolated
> station.  Ideas. .
> Much appreciatied
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> Mario Javier Pineda
> University of Washington
> mjpineda at
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I am doing FISH and using Antifade 1(citifluor).This can be used as
mounting and antifade at the same time. I do n't think this will effect
your work.
Hope this helpful to you.


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