Making your own polymerase?

C.L.L. ChunLin_Lu at
Thu Sep 25 10:55:37 EST 1997

If you or someone can find the genomic DNA of Thermus thermophilus or this
bacteria and send it to me, I will make rTth for public.  No Kidding. We
are making our own Taq, Pfu for our lab and some labs in our department
for free. We are using a lot of Pfu and Taq, costing our nothing. I am
interesting in cloning Tth, but no template for my construction. Replay me
by email. Thanks.
In article <5vokih$8ee$1 at>, hallgeir at (Hallgeir
Bergum) wrote:

> I wonder if there are somebody out there making theire own Tth DNA
> polymerase?

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