Old, unused, broken rotary hyb oven needed (UK)

ilyas m khan khan at hollywood.u-net.com
Thu Sep 25 17:01:28 EST 1997

dear bionet,

      I'm desparate for some equipment so I can continue my work. Despite
being in Cardiff (Wales) I lack some very basic equipment and with the lab
grant money scarce and equipment grants given to those who want a DNA
sequencer or to launch britains space effort, its very difficult to get
decent, working equipment. I desparately require the use of a rotary
hybridisation oven and waterbaths. Age is no problem, we have people who
are capable of reconditioning an old or broken hybridisation oven.
   Does anybody out there either have access to knackered equipment, stuff
that has been thrown out, I would be willing to come over and personally
take it or would you know of anybody or anywhere where such equipment
could be got on the cheap. Also I would be willing to part with some money
(very small amounts if required). Thanks. 


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