what's a quick way to exclude molecules > 1kD from cell extract?

Heinz J. Schaefers schaefers at sun.XuchcX.edu
Mon Sep 29 11:55:46 EST 1997

Michael Levin wrote:

>    I need a simple way to size-exclude molecules greater than 1 kD
> from a
> cell extract. Is there some column or centrifuge filter I can buy such
> that I can just load my stuff on top and get everything smaller than 1
> kD
> out the bottom? Preferably without taking too much of a dilution or
> loss.
> If anyone has any info, please email to mlevin at fas.harvard.edu. Thanks
> very much!
> Mike Levin


Try Centricon 1000 spin columns; they have a 1 kD cut-off.
Since the volume of the flow-through will be the same as the volume
loaded (exept a few ul  remaining supernatant), there is no dilution of
your sample.

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