Eliminating lipopolysaccharides

brownlie at sask.usask.ca brownlie at sask.usask.ca
Mon Sep 29 17:58:54 EST 1997

Hello Harry,

There are several methods available to remove LPS and these include
polymyxin B chromotography (Pierce) which is expensive for many samples,
or extraction with triton X114 (Sigma) which is cheap. In addition there
are methods of plasmid purification which result in reduced levels of LPS:

Domenico et al 1992 J Clin Micro 30 2859-2863
Wicks et al 1995 Hum Gene Ther 6 317-323
Cotten et al 1994 Gene Ther 1 239-246


On Sun, 21 Sep 1997, Harry Witchel wrote:

> Hi folks --
> 	Anyone know of any methods besides ultracentrifugation (eg 
> enzymatically or through binding) to get rid of contaminants such as 
> lipopolysaccharides from an existing DNA prep that will be used for 
> transfection.
> 	Thanks much,
> 		Harry

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