Good Rnase free DNase sources?

D. Pearton pearton at
Tue Sep 30 18:57:55 EST 1997

S. MORI (smori at NMSU.Edu) wrote:
: Dear molbio's

: I am trying to get a hold of some good RNase free DNase... I had some 1
: year old Stratagene stuff, but the freag'n thing ate all my RNA... It had
: been stored at -20C... It may have been the age (I doubt it) but I don't
: wanna risk it again.... anybody has know of a better source?

I've always had good results with the DNase I from GibcoBRL - the RNA prep
is immediately usable in RT-PCR, and I assume, is good enough for
northerns (although I don't usually bother for northerns).

Dave Pearton
pearton at
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