BioMag Streptavidin magnetic particles: reposted

Deborah deborahwilkinson at
Thu Apr 2 07:32:29 EST 1998

I think that my first attempt to post this didn't work, so will try again:

"The Scientist" magazine commissioned me to write a very brief article on
Perseptive Biosystems' BioMag Streptavidin magnetic particles.

If possible, I would very much appreciate comments about this product from
anyone who has used them.  Comments from researchers at all positions or
training levels (technician, graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, faculty,
etc) are welcome.  Please send them to me directly, via e-mail to the
following address:    deborahwilkinson at

The comments do not need to be fancy-- I just need a general remarks about
why you used the product, or an anecdote describing use of the product.  If
you do respond, and your remarks are selected for the article, rest assured
that I will show you a copy of the draft before submitting it to my editor.
I will not submit any unapproved-of quotes for publication.

 For your information, "The Scientist" is published every 2 weeks in the
United States.  It contains product-related information as well as general
and political commentary of interest to researchers.   An on-line version of
the magazine can be viewed at:

 Thank you for your consideration.


Deborah Wilkinson, Ph.D.

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