filter sterilized vs. autoclaved water for PCR

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Thu Apr 2 16:03:01 EST 1998

Hi Dave, 

I'd recommend to buy molbio / PCR grade water from any supplier. 
That's surely cheaper than throwing away just one set up of PCR 
reactions cause it's contaminated in any way. And it's good for your 
nerves, too, probably.
In my lab, I've found out that autoclave sterilized water could cause 
problems with ligations and other molbio experiments. With millipore 
water, that comes a kind of filter sterilized out of the machine, 
there was less fuss. I then decided to freeze away aliqots in eppis 
and throw them away after taking out the amount of water I just need.

Good luck, 

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