An interesting puzzle - Pierce's "Gentle Ag/Ab elution buffe

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Sat Apr 4 06:55:39 EST 1998

You write about incompatibilities with phosphate. what happens? a 
white precipitate? Calcium??
a simple check might answer this: add some EDTA before adding 
phosphate. this should defer the precipitate.
If you have access to a clinical lab, have the calcium measured 
there. If not, give it as a blood sample to your doctor ;-)

If you find calcium, you also might find chloride. You could check 
this with silver nitrate, it also should give a white precipitate. Of 
course, this also could be from other cloride sources (NaCl)
If you have the chance, just have all common clinical ions measured.

So, does this reagent break the antigen-antibody interaction by 
high bivalent salt?


> I am trying to understand what that could be...
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