Ambion, QuantumRNA kit

Sat Apr 4 23:28:32 EST 1998

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> Hello All,
> Has anyone been successful in using Ambion's QuantumRNA kit (18S rRNA
> universal primers & Competimers) for quantifying the relative expression
> levels in RT-PCR reactions?  Comments, suggestions, caveats??

As the developer of the kit, yes I have used it (more than I like to admit).
The kit has been out for about 1 year now and we have found several references
in the literature using the kit. If you call tech service, they can fax you
the refs or copies of the papers.

Also, if the Ambion adverts and the tech service guys are less than clear, ask
for me personally and I'll be glad to chew the fat with you.


Eric Lader, Ph.D
Senior R&D Scientist
elader at
1 800-888-8804

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