Too high Tris-HCl in stacker SDS-PAGE a problem?

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Sun Apr 5 14:39:50 EST 1998

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>Okay - here's my next question. Upon reviewing all of my solution-making
>notes, I found that I've been making up the stock solution for my stacker
>gel (for SDS-PAGE) with a higher than intended Tris-Cl concentration.

I haven't done the experiment, but my gut feeling is that the difference
you mention will not cause problems.  

As a related point, anyone using the recipes in Harlowe's Antibodies: A
Laboratory Manual should check the numbers; there are several typos in
them.  I can't remember the details, but the recipe for SDS-PAGE running
buffer may have been one of the ones that's wrong, and at least one of the
acrylamide gel concentrations is wrong.

I used wrong recipes a couple of times (and not to point the finger at
Harlowe, some of the mistakes were my own) before spotting the mistakes
and re-checking all the numbers, and still got adequate, if unspectacular,
gels.  The system is robust enough to tolerate some leeway. 


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