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> Hi,
> does anyone know where I can get imidazole glycerol phosphate (IPTG)? I
> need this substance in an enzyme assay, but I could not  find a company
> that offers IPTG.

It's a trick to find a molbiol/biotech company that does not sell or resell
IPTG, which stands for isopropyl-b-D-thiogalactopyranoside, so you should
not have any trouble buying it. The problem, of course, is that it has
nothing to do with imidazole glycerol phosphate. BTW, I don't see, while
sober, how anyone can abbreviate this imidazole glycerol phosphate as IPTG.
So, like if you really don't need IPTG, but are after that imidazole thing,
than yer chances would be the best to find somebody who uses it and ask
where they get it. Like some other reagents you might have to make it
yerself - I looked in some biochem catalogs incl. Sigma and could not find
this thing. That a sign that it's not going to appear to the Sunday Times
Bestseller list. But when you look for it, don't ask for IPTG to avoid

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