Proteolytic map, freeware or web site?

Uncle S UncleS at
Tue Apr 7 20:20:31 EST 1998

> Zeev Pancer wrote:
> > Can anyone refer me to a freeeware or web site that can search a protein
> > sequence for clevage-sites of proteolytic enzymes?

Mathew Woodwark wrote: 
> You might like to try ms-digest in proteinprospector. It is part of a
> package that using mass spec peptide mass data t identify proteins and one
> of the programs allows you to paste in a sequence and have it cut by a
> number of proteolytic enzymes
> The address is

An excellent suggestion.  If you're going to do a lot of digestion
simulations, you might not want to do it all over the net.  PAWS is a
really handy mass spec program that you can put on a Wintel or Mac
machine.  Prospector is nice for chopping up proteins that you pull out
of databases, but I do most of my mass spec work with PAWS.

here's the site

be warned, it runs on java, so turn that language on in your browser.

better yet, use one of the alternate pages:
(bare bones)


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