DNA electrophoresis nightmare

Joel Gagliardi jg121 at UMAIL.UMD.EDU
Tue Apr 7 10:27:45 EST 1998

Black is the universal color for 'negative potential'
Red is the universal color for 'positive potential'

Switch yours leads immediately if you notice the dye runnign backwards.

Colin Loney wrote:

> Hi 'netters',
> Now I really screw up.  I try to run my DNA in gel, but put red wire
> in negative and black wire in positive.  My dye front move backwards
> instead of forwards.  Not good, my boss is killing me now.  Quick,
> quick, how can I sort my error?
> This molicular biology is tricky,
> colin
> MRC Virology Unit
> Institute of Virology
> Glasgow
> Scotland
> E-Mail : C.Loney at scorch.vir.gla.ac.uk

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