reusing plasmid maxiprep columns

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>I noticed that plasmid maxi columns e.g. nucleobond 
>(clontech/macherey-nagel) or those from quiagen may be re- used 
>several times. 
>currently, I use them only for the same plasmid (from XL-1 blue) and 
>wash them with plenty of water after eluting the plasmid. has anyone 
>tested how long the columns will leak plasmid, e.g. by repeating the 
>prep without bacterial lysates and checking for plasmids in the elute 
>by transforming aliquots ef the elute into bacteria? In other words, 
>does anyone dare to use the columns for different preps? what 
>lifetime of the columns may be expected? 
>I (and probably many others out here) would appreciated any data or 
>even references on that!

Given that they are anion exchange resins ie QAE or similar then it
should be possible to wash off all the junk that is still bound after
the plasmid has been eluted. Water will not do. Try much higher salt or
maybe even 7M Urea and 1%SDS as that is a real good cleaner on dye
columns. NaOH may sterilise the columns sufficiently for other plasmid

The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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