An interesting puzzle - Pierce's "Gentle Ag/Ab elution buffer"?

noone noone at
Wed Apr 8 11:09:45 EST 1998

> The incompatibilty with phosphate could be due to Mg(++) salts, which are
> mildly chaotropic at high concentrations.  I've also used the Pierce buffer in
> the past, and at that time I got the impression that there was also ethylene
> glycol in it, but I can't remember why I thought so at the time.
> My guess is that the gentle elution buffer is a neutral pH buffer with MgCl(2)
> and ethylene glycol.

I'm currently using this buffer (it works fairly well), one thing not
mentioned is the fact that if you mix the buffer with a buffer containing
DTT or beta-merc., a dark brown precipitate occurs (which makes it
impossible to run PAGE directly after elution). I wonder whether this is
maybe some metal like manganese, which has some similar properties to Mg
but is very easily reduced.
BTW, dialysis works fine.


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