cross-reactivity HA epitope in adenovirus?

Danny Altschuler dla at
Wed Apr 8 10:22:13 EST 1998

Hi everybody. I have some constructs that I made in adenovirus. The insert
is HA-epitope tagged. 
After infection I checked expression by immunofluorescence and the signal
was very strong. My control sample was uninfected cells (I did not have
control virus at that time). I was happy untill I checked expression by
IP/blotting. A strong band of about 40-45K appeared in the Western.(that
is not the heavy chain, and that did not show up in the control uninfected
sample). Does anybody know if HA recognize any epitope from adeno? Can
anyone guide me to a reference using adeno with an HA epitope tagged
insert? Thank you very much


Please, e-mail me to:
altschul at

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