An interesting puzzle - Pierce's "Gentle Ag/Ab elution buffer"?

Dr E. Buxbaum EB15 at
Wed Apr 8 13:11:40 EST 1998

Dennis Templeton wrote:
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> klenchin at (Dima Klenchin) wrote:

> > Pierce claims that this "magic" elution buffer is in every respect
> better than
> > conventional low pH elution, giving better recoveries and much better
> > preservation of antibody activity. This does not appear
> > to be a pure marketing lie - another company, Sterogene, sells
> > "Actistep" elution buffer and claims practically the same. Sterogene
> > specializes in industrial applications so I tend to believe there is some
> > truth to the claims.
> Harlow and Lane recommend using organic reagents like Ethylene glycol or
> dioxane. They cite some refs, but I haven't tried this.

Diiodosalicylate is also commonly used for this purpose

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