Why does my rabbit serum "gel"?

Ian McFarlane I.McFarlane at icrf.icnet.uk
Thu Apr 9 07:03:46 EST 1998

I'm not an expert but I would guess that there is still some fibrinogen
left in the plasma which forms a fibrin clot. You can extract the serum
from the clot just pick it up and squeeze it! 


Ian Mc

In article <6gfddu$knr at metro.usyd.edu.au>, Phil Robinson
<"phrobins"@(delete_me)postbox.usyd.edu.au> wrote:

> When we bleed a rabbit we sit the blood in a falcon tube for 1-4 hrs,
> then put it in the cold room overnight.  In the morning we gently remove
> the clotted cells.  However, when we spin the serum to clean up the
> debris the serum occasionally "gels", meaning we lose two thirds of our
> precious serum as it is now  like a ball of soft acrylamide.  People I
> ask have never experienced this.  However I have seen it many times over
> 10 years.  We tried several different types of plastic and glass tubes.
> Currently we have one rabbit (our best one of course) where it occurs on
> every bleed.
> Any ideas on what is going on? How to prevent this? How to dissolve the
> serum clot?
> Help or advice would be appreciated.
> Phil Robinson,          Sydney

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