Best place to get polyclonal Ab?

R. John Lye rjl6n at
Fri Apr 10 18:05:35 EST 1998

Al Lammers wrote:
> We have found Cocalico Biologicals Inc. to be very reliable for antibody
> production (no personal affiliation).  They've been very easy to work
> with and have been dependable for timely delivery of our antibodies.
> Here's the address:
> Cocalico Biologicals Inc.
> 449 Stevens Rd.
> Reamstown, PA 17567
> phone: (717) 336-1990

I agree.  I've used them several times with good results each
time.  Easy to deal with and reasonably priced.  They used
to have some trouble with their front office people, but
that seems to have been solved.

John Lye

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